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Scottish Freshwater Pearls

Scottish river pearls have been coveted since the time of Julius Caesar with Royalty in particular known to have desired, cherished and collected this beautiful and natural gem.
The Scottish Crown Jewels housed in Edinburgh castle is set with Scottish pearls.
Since 1998 the mussel that produces the Scottish pearl, has been awarded protection status making it an offence to kill, injure, take, intentionally disturb or damage their habitat, or sell without a licence from the Scottish Executive.
Cairncross of Perth have been trading in Scottish river pearl jewellery for well over 60 years and with the kind permission of the Scottish Government have a licence granted to us enabling sale to the public of these pearls sourced prior to 1998.
The Scottish river pearls come in colours from rustic brown, grey, cream, white, lilac and pink. A subtlety in colour and lustre that distinguishes them from oriental pearls.